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"The Affordable Alternative to Long Term Health Care Plans

that can help Avoid or Delay the Nursing Home"

An Evolution in Senior Home Care

  • According to Health and Human Services, 70% of Americans will need some type of home care in their lifetime. That is nearly three out of four of us!
  • Many American seniors are under the impression that traditional health care programs will provide the desired services in the home such as meal preparation, assistance with hygiene, dressing & grooming, etc.
  • Medicare, Medigap and most Medicare Advantage Plans are designed to cover hospital stays, doctor bills and some short term skilled nursing. Unfortunately, they do NOT cover the cost of everyday assistance in your own home.
  • While loved ones will have the best intentions to be there when a crisis arises, many are not prepared and quickly become overwhelmed by the amount of work involved in care giving.
  • Traditional home health care insurance is an option for such services, however it is limited to only the extremely healthy, hardly affordable and creating challenges for many.
  • Senior Freedom Plans are a viable alternative to traditional home health care insurance ... Our plans support seniors with their regular activities while providing them with independence and privacy in the comfort of their own home.

Our Mission Statement

MedVantage Consulting, LLC is a forward thinking 7-year old Senior Marketing Company based in Omaha, Nebraska and Denver, Colorado with Agents in multiple States. We believe that Senior Home Care has its traditions, but Senior Home Care doesn't need to be traditional...In fact, we believe we must continually seek out the trends that best serve the people we care about,"The Seniors of America!" With that being said, we NOW are bringing the True Alternative to Long Term Care directly to Seniors in all 50 States!

Our mission is to improve the lives of Seniors and their families as satistics show that 70% of our aging population will require Home Care Assistance sometime in their lives .... And our mission is to provide an Affordable Alternative Solution that will help preserve the dignity of our aging population!

NO One Should Ignore This Serious Challenge of Aging!

Too many seniors in the United States are turning a blind eye to the very real probability of needing long term care at some point as they age. Most believe that the financial responsibility will be absorbed by someone else, but unfortunately that is a plan to fail. The assistance provided by Medicare, Medicaid & any health care insurance is only a band aid for the serious financial pitfalls waiting for seniors. The finances set aside that you believe are enough are probably only a drop in a bucket, especially as the cost of home care continues to rise over time.

But the financial and emotional threat is very real. If there are any doubts, confer with friends about how they dealt with this issue in caring for their parents. While we all have the best intentions to be there for an elder loved one, the reality of our actual ability and availability is another story. When you look into the cost of custom home care assistance, it’s truly sobering. And that concern will eventually trickle down to adult children for ALL Senior who are not prepared.

So what can be done, especially Seniors who are well into their 70’s or 80’s to be prepared for this serious concern? The first thing is to self educate ... The fact is that 70% of seniors will need home care assistance at some point. That’s 3 out of 4 of all Seniors ... Waiting to see if their family has the time, energy and finances to deal with a sudden, unexpected health issue is not a wise strategy. It’s also not being responsible...

While no solution will seem perfect, especially if one has waited so long to even address it, there are still extremely valuable steps you can take to protect one's self and your family that can make a huge difference.

* Remember 70% of Seniors will need some form of home care.

* The two most prevalent reasons a Senior will need assistance in the home range from a trip and fall accident and memory deficit.

* Without a plan in place to absorb the expense, the cost of bringing regular service into your home can run between $1000 to $4000 a month or more.

* Make every adjustment possible to improve and maintain your strength and overall health. This can help to reduce the chances that you will require assistance in the future and solidify your quality of life. But also know that the #1 cause behind a senior suddenly needing home care assistance is an injury resulting from a trip and fall accident in the home.   

How can you plan for that? ... By already having a reasonable plan of care in place!

Our plans support Seniors with their regular activities while providing them with independence and privacy in the comfort of their own home...

Agency and Anytime (Friends / Neighbor) Services Includes:

☑ Meal Planning / Preparation

☑ Assistance With Dressing

☑ Assistance With Bathing, Toileting And Hygiene

☑ Grooming

☑ Laundry, Ironing and Changing Linens

☑ Grocery Shopping

☑ Light Housekeeping

☑ Monitor Diet And Food Expirations

☑ Medication Reminders

☑ Accompany To Place Of Worship

☑ Accompany To Doctors Appointments And Much More

Senior Freedom Premier Plans are Service Contracts, NOT Insurance